Summer Faculty Workshop

Before the faculty members begin mentoring their students in the undergraduate research group, they will attend a three-day summer workshop. The purposes of this workshop are to discuss logistics of the program, present ideas about effectively working with undergraduate research groups, and provide resources to help undergraduates prepare for graduate school. During this workshop there will also be some social activities and (time permitting) a hike, and/or a visit to nearby sites. Participants’ costs to attend the workshop will be covered by CURM (travel and lodging) up to $650. Note: this workshop may be remote due to the pandemic.

In addition, applicants may request a 2-day Research Reboot session in conjunction with the workshop. The reboot session will pair interested CURM awardees with faculty who are experienced with student research in a related mathematical field. The purpose of the reboot is to help CURM faculty reformulate an active research program into one that is appropriate for students, or to revitalize a research program that has been overwhelmed by other professional duties.